Duplicate Stitch Design Plates:  $3.00 each

             The following 23 individual designs are all currently available. 





Plate Partners (match smocking plates):
Setters/Canvasback Ducks
Back to School 2
Le Ballon 2
Tug/Humpty/Polar Bear
Large Lizards (Dinos/Gators)
Critters (Dragon/Crittermobile)
Vehicles (Trucks/Tanks)

Floral Collection:
Autumn Leaves/Betty’s Poseys
Nosegay Bouquet
Antique Roses and Rosebuds

Special Occasions:
Americana Santa/Soldier Boy
Happy Birthday/Christmas Gift
Christmas Angel/Swiss Xmas Tree
Nutcracker and Mouseking
Hobbies Collection:
Fish Fanciers
Sports Nut
Golf Fanatic
The Horsey Set
Gardener’s Delight
Nautical Alphabet
Trolls for Girls and Boys