Qty Item Price Total   Qty Item Price Total
  Smocking Plates $4.00       Dup. St. Booklets $6.75  
  Country Cats         Dup. St. Made Easy    
  David's Dinosaurs         Cardigans for Kids    
  Lois's Lamb         Favorites    
  Noah's Ark       Qty Item Price Total
  Michael's Menagerie         Embroidery Leaflets $4.75  
  See Ya Later Alligator         Fashionable Fine    
  Thompson's Trucks         Floral Motifs & Sprays    
  Ann's Irish Setters         Classic Children's    
  Beaufort Bow         Smocking Plate Ptnrs    
  Crittermobile         Bevy of Bows    
  Father Christmas         Bountiful Baskets    
  Ivie's Marionettes         Butterflies & Birds    
  Poppy's Pandas       Qty Item Price Total
  Soldier Bears         Machine Embroidery Discs $64.95
*Embroidery discs are now only available by ordering directly from www.cactuspunch.com.  Go to "Find Designs" and then type in the box under "Stock Designs" SIG10, SIG33, or SIG64.
  Tommy's Dalmatians         Sig-10 ( *See below)    
  Barbara's Bunnies         Sig-33 (*See below)    
  Becky's Basket         Sig-64 (*See below)    
  Dancing Ducks       Qty Item Price Total
  Drew's Dragons         Books    
  Humpty Dumpty         Perfecting Pict. Smkg $19.95  
  Le Ballon         Lattice Smocking $12.00  
  Rockville Races         Jos. Chas. Adventure $16.95  
  Tim's Tugs              
  Back to School         Order Total    
  Canvasback Ducks         SC Tax @ 8.5%    
  High Noon         Shipping    
  Jenks's G.I.'s         Total    
  Musical Mice      
  Polar Bears      
  Annie's Ballet Slippers      
  Happy Birthday      
  Josh's Tractor Parade      
  Greg's Race Cars      
Qty Item Price Total  
  Duplicate Stitch $3.00    
  Setters/Canvas Backs      
  Back to School 2      
  Le Ballon 2      
  Tug/Humpty/Polar Bear      
  Large Lizards      
  Autumn Leaves/Betty's      
  Nosegay Bouquet      
  Antique Roses      
  Americana Santa/Boy      
  Happy Birthday      
  Christmas Angel/Tree      
  Fish Fanciers      
  Sports Nut      
  Golf Fanatic      
  The Horsey Set      
  Gardener's Delight      
  Nautical Alphabet      
  Troll's for Girls & Boys      




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